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4 Best Knee Exercise Videos

Here is collection of knee exercise videos, some with unconventional thought, to help relieve that nagging pain in the knee. The usual treatment for knee pain includes pain management and ultimately knee replacement surgery (Though Dr. Bergman’s  video proposes that knee surgery can be avoided, more in the last part of this article). Exercises strengthen muscles around the knee, improving support for bones and reducing stress on the cartilage. If started in early phase of osteoarthritis, they can delay or eliminate the need for surgery. In following videos we learn exercises for thigh and hip muscles, kneecap, joint alignment and cartilage growth.

1. Quadriceps and Hip Abductor Exercises

Hip abductor muscles help control Femur, the bone connecting our hip and knee joints. Misalignment of this bone puts stress on knee joint. Therefore healthy hip abductor muscles, which are also the largest muscle in human body, are important for proper alignment and movement of knee joint. The four exercises in this video – Quad Sets, Short Arc Quad, Straight Leg Raise and Clam exercise for Hip Abductors will help you in many knee related issues.



2. Exercises for Patella (kneecap)

Our knee cap (patella) moves up and down a groove as we bend our knee. Patella can waver from this path due to imbalance in muscles. This causes knee pain and lock. This exercise strengthens the exactly the right muscles to fix patella tracking. It restores muscles patella movement, helping relieve pain and knee lock.



3. Knee Joint Alignment

Another cause for knee stress is imbalance in body weight distribution. This imbalance puts more burden on one of the knees, causing pain. By aligning our shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints in one vertical line, we can regain our natural balance and cure knee pain. Pete Egoscue, a postural alignment and movement specialist, will help you experience this misalignment with some exercises. He also shows how to regain alignment and cure pain naturally.



4. Exercises for Cartilage Regrowth

Cartilage provides cushioning and lubrication to knee bones. As cartilage wears out gradually, femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) start rubbing each other. This causes severe pain in the knee.  It is believed cartilage regrowth is nearly impossible due to poor blood supply. We all think that only alternative in such a scenario is knee surgery. Dr Bergman believes otherwise. He treats patients by first relieving pressure on the nerves emanating from our spine. Then he improves blood supply by creating negative pressure on the knee joint. This allows joint to grow cartilage and heal itself. Dr. Bergman demonstrates all the exercises in the video below. It will take time and patience to get results from his methods.


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