Football skills for kids

Master 5 basic Football skills – for beginners and kids

The game of football requires a variety of skills that players will need to learn. In addition to having a certain amount of athletic ability to be able to run, change direction and maintain your balance, players need specific skills to play the game. These are skills that can be learned and mastered with training and practice.

Everyone has heard about these 5 skills, but the real challenge is to master them. Once these fundamental skills are mastered are you can build your game by combining communication and team-work on the field. So, how can you master these skills? Let us start.

1. Dribbling

Football dribbling drill

Dribbling the ball in football is essential. It allows the player to keep possession of the ball while moving either toward the opponent’s end of the field or to create space to either shoot or make a pass. It is suggested that players practice their dribbling as much as possible. The more they practice, the better they will become. Here are a couple of drills to improve dribbling.

Closed-space dribbling drill
  • Place three cones on the ground in a triangle or square, 2 feet apart
  • Dribble between the cones using all surfaces of your feet
  • Use quick touches to guide the ball around the cones in a controlled pattern
Cone Drill
  • Line up 6 to 10 cones 5 yards apart
  • Weave through the cones dribbling with the inside of your feet
  • Repeat the drill alternating between the inside and outside of your feet, circling right and then left around each one.

2. Juggling

Juggling can help a player with his ball control, coordination and can help to improve their reactions. You should practice your juggling daily at least 10 minutes a day. Each day try to improve the number of times you keep the ball in the air. Here is a drill to learn juggling.

  1. Hold ball with both hands and drop it to the ground
  2. Use one of your feet to tap it up so that you can catch it with hand
  3. Start again and tap with your foot two times before catching it
  4. Continue to increase the number of times to tap it before catching it
  5. You can alternate feet during the practice session

3. Passing

A good passing team in football is able to keep possession of the ball and move it down the field. In many ways, passing is just as important as shooting for your team to score a goal. There are many different types of passes in football and it’s important to practice them. Here are two drills to learn different types of passes.

3 Player Passing Drill
  1. Position 3 players about 10 yards apart, in  line
  2. The player in the middle will take a pass from one player and pass it right back
  3. Repeat step 2 with the other player
  4. Continue for a few minutes and switch positions
Cone Game
  1. Players pair up and stand across from each other around a circle
  2. Set up 6 or 8 cones in the middle of the circle as targets
  3. Players try to knock over the cones with accurate passes

4. Receiving

Receiving football with your feet is an important skill in football. A pass is only as good as the player’s ability to receive the pass and keep the play going. Practicing this skill is important for all young football players.

Wall Drill
  1. Using a wall, have players kick with one foot off the wall and receive with the other foot
  2. When receiving, players should practice stopping and deadening the ball
  3. Continue with about 10 repetitions and then switch your foot

5. Shooting

It goes without saying that learning to shoot the football is one of the most important skills a player will need. The two most important skills when shooting are power and accuracy. Players should practice both and also be able to shoot the ball with either foot.

One-Pass Shooting Drill
  1. Place one player outside the penalty area and another to the side of the goal
  2. Player at the side of the goal passes to the other player
  3. This player receives the ball and taps it in front to take a step and then shoots
  4. Shooter should work on solid contact and accuracy

These drills will take your game to the next level. Watch the full video book on learning football for videos on other skills, teamwork and strategy.

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