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The Most Popular Types of Guitars

Interested in learning how to play guitar? Considering to buy one for yourself? There are various types of guitar available, and we are going to present the most popular ones!

Acoustic Guitar

This type of guitar can be found in various designs which evolved through the years. The acoustic guitar doesn’t use amplifiers for its sound, even though they can be added if there are needed. It uses steel strings for a brighter and louder sound and heavier woods including spruce, mahogany, and maple. This guitar is mostly used in blues, folk, and country music.

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar or Spanish guitar is one of the most common types of guitar. The body is hollow and it has a hole in the center which resonates the sound produced by the strings when they are strummed and plucked. The classical guitar uses six strings and they are commonly made of nylon. This type of guitar is played without amplifiers as well. It is used in classical, flamenco, and Latin music.

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Electric Guitar

When compared to the acoustic guitars, the electric ones have softer strings which make it easier for the player to pluck and strum the strings fast. This type of guitar requires plugging on an amplifier to make a loud sound. The electric guitar is mostly used for blues jazz, rock music, funk, pop, country, and heavy metal.

Steel Guitar

There are two types of steel guitar – a pedal steel and a lap steel. The lap guitar contains 6 strings and the pedal one has more than 6 and if it is necessary it has an additional 2 or 3 sets of strings. The steel guitar produces a much brighter tone when it is played and it is mostly used for country music.

Learning about the basic types of guitars is very important, especially if you want to buy one. If you are a novice, buying an acoustic guitar is more suitable when compared to any other guitar. The electric guitars are more complicated which means you’ll have difficulties in learning the foundation of playing guitar. While choosing a guitar for beginners, you should also consider playing comfort, quality and budget along with Guitar Type. Following video from our Guitar video book will help you understand more about different types of guitars.

Start with an acoustic one and once you have improved your skills, you can choose the type of music you want to play and decide the type of guitar you should have!


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