fight depression with Mindfulness meditation

How to fight depression with Mindfulness meditation using breath

Feeling sad or depressed? Want to be happy again? Try mindfulness meditation and boost neurotransmitters which help combat sadness. Learn in this week’s post.

There’s no doubt about it: life can be hectic. SometimesTreat Depression it can be too easy to rush through your days only focusing on your worries and struggles. We’re all guilty of thinking about the past and future more than we think about the present. In fact, more brain power goes to thinking about past events, future scenarios and day dreaming than it does on actually focusing on the right here, right now. All of this can add up to a less than healthy brain. Fortunately, you can use in-depth knowledge about depression, and create an actionable plan to overcome it. With meditation, exercise and confidence building, and some patience, you can fight depression. In this post, we will focus on mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness is a practice that simply refers to bringing yourself into the moment. It’s forcing yourself to think about what’s going on at this exact second than a conversation last week or an upcoming meeting. What this does is reduce stress, release worry and lower the effects of anxiety. All of this contributes to helping you deal with feelings of depression. Know more in this video on impact of Mindfulness meditation in overcoming depression.

Mindfulness Technique using Breath

  • Find yourself a quite place – it could be your home, office or even your car (parked, of course!). Switch off your phone. Just make sure that you are not disturbed during meditation. But do not get agitated if you do get disturbed – after all we aim to be calm even in adverse situations!
  • Sit in a comfortable position. It is better if you keep your spine straight. You may choose to sit upright on a chair or in some yoga pose like sukhasana.
  • Will fifteen minutes break derail your life any more? So tell yourself that for next fifteen minutes, meditation is the most important activity of your life, everything else can wait.
  • Start observing your breath. Just see how breath naturally flows in and out. In case you have difficulty in observing your breath, take 10 breaths forcefully, while continuing to observe them.
  • You do not have to think about breath, rather feel it as it flows through nostrils.
  • Your mind will wander – in future or past. Give no importance to your thoughts. Do not start analyzing people, situation, past events or future possibilities – nothing is important. Bring your focus on breath and start feeling it as it naturally flows in and out.
  • Try to feel the complete breath – from start to end. Continue this for fifteen minutes.
  • After fifteen minutes, slowly open your eyes, move your limbs and get up. That’s it, you now know how to practice mindfulness meditation using your breath.

Some of you may have trouble controlling the mind. Some may even have headache. If you think it is too difficult, do it for just five minutes, but repeat three times, and slowly increase the duration. It is better to make it a habit – do it at the same time everyday and increase the duration to thirty minutes. You can further speed up recovery by exercise, pranayama and improved sleeping habits.

Depression isn’t going to be cured in a day. It takes a long time to conquer your mind. Stay patient and keep fighting. You’ll get there in the end. Start your practice today and share your experience with us.

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