Knee surgery

Top Mistakes you should avoid after Knee Surgery

If you plan to have knee surgery, or recently had one, then you certainly need to avoid these common mistakes, to make your surgery a success!

Many people end up dissatisfied with the results of knee surgery. Of course, the pain they experienced before knee surgery is not there, but the range of motion is limited, they need support while walking, sitting down or getting up a chair and so on. Surgery is not a quick-fix. One has to exercise and undergo physiotherapy to recover satisfactorily. Unfortunately, in this surgery, no-pain no-gain rule applies literally. So avoid following mistakes to make it a success.

1. Not focusing on Range of Motion

All our joints have directional motion. Our muscles pull our bones. They are aligned along the direction of motion. After surgery scar tissue starts growing around knee. This growth is random and not directional. This limits the range of motion. So there is race against scar tissue to grow directional muscle. The focus after surgery should be on range of motion, rather than walking or strengthening the muscles. Physiotherapists will tell you that walking is no big achievement, higher range of motion is! So focus on straightening and bending your knee as much as possible.

Top Mistakes after knee surgery


2. Skipping Pain Killers

There is pain after any surgery. On top of that, you have to start exercising your operated joint, a day after surgery. You definitely need pain killers. Instead of experimenting with the dose of painkillers, you should follow your doctor’s advice and focus on achieving range of motion for your joint.

3. Avoiding Physical Therapy

Many people leave the physical therapy in between and some do not bother to start. For a successful surgery, you just have to undergo physical therapy. It is a painful to exercise, but there is no way out. If you do not go to therapy you will not exercise enough because of pain. This will result in less range of motion, weaker joint and ultimately dissatisfaction.

Do not compare your progress with others. Just focus on your routine and your knee will get better.


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