Master paper quilling

Master paper quilling in one day!

You can create beautiful designs with paper using quilling techniques. It is an easy and creative hobby. The 3-D effect and depth of paper strip creates a different effect than conventional painting. If you are eager to learn paper quilling fast and convert your designs into reality, you are at the right place. Lets get started.

Basic shapes

In any art, your designs are made up of basic shapes. Some of the common paper quilling shapes are coils, scrolls, heart, star, tear drop, crescent, slug, marquise, leaves and petals etc. We have to master these shapes before we jump to other designs. Learn these shapes in the video below:;ref=list&iframe=true


A beautiful quilling design

Having learnt basic shapes, it’s time create an easy paper quilling design. How about a beautiful floral design in blue and white? Don’t like blue? OK, make it in your own favorite colors. We will be using petals, scrolls and coils in this design.


Let’s make a colorful leaf

This final step will take you to next level but if you are tired, take a break or come back tomorrow. This is a beautiful fall leaf design. The reds, yellows and greens look stunning in this design. It involves typography with paper strips, carefully shaping and pasting strips and using tweezers to fill up the design.


Congratulations on getting to this point. By now, you will be confident of creating your own designs. Head over to our paper quilling video book for new ideas and inspiration from other fellow artists.

The floral design featured image By Dewni (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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