YouTube video link at specific time

New way to create named links to a specific time in a YouTube video

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This feature allows you to create links to any time in a YouTube video. Not only that, you can also give a name to these links, for example in a recipe video you can create a link to part describing ingredients and name it”Ingredients” and part describing method “Directions”. So how can you do that?

We call named link to a particular time in the video as a bookmark in a video. You can create multiple bookmarks in a single video by entering the bookmark name and its start time (which will be picked up automatically). Anyone watching these videos will see a list of bookmarks, which they can click to jump to a specific time in YouTube video.

Step 1 – Find the video you want to bookmark

  • If you already have a link to the YouTube video, just paste the link in the search box at top of the home page of You will see a list of videos. Just click on the video to reach playback page.

    search video for timed link

  • If you want to create bookmarks on any existing video on, you need to play it.

Step 2 – Create bookmarks

  • In the playback page, click on the ‘Bookmarks’ option below the player interface (You must be signed-in).

  • This will automatically pause the playback to the current time. Your link will point to this paused time in the video (at 00:06:12, see the screenshot below).

  • Now enter the name you want to give to this timed link (“hip external rotation” in the screenshot below) and click the tick mark button.

  • Save bookmarks by clicking “Save Bookmark” button.

create link to specific time in video

You can add more bookmarks by the clicking on the ‘+’ Notes button. Also, you can change the time of any link while editing by clicking the timeline slider of the player.


Using bookmarks

You can now play video with these bookmarks by using “Play Bookmarks” button. You will see the list the named links you created earlier to the right of the video.

list of timed links in video

All bookmarked videos are saved in “Bookmarks” list under “My collection”.Access the My collection link from the user account drop down menu(See the screenshot).
go to saved youtube videos

Here is the list of videos which have bookmarks created by the user. Latest added bookmark is shown at the top in the list. You can modify the bookmarks any time.

list of saved youtube videos


Another use of this feature is for taking notes on videos. Someone learning with video can mark important points in the video using this feature. You may save any number of videos with bookmarks. These could be your own knowledge repository which you may refer in future.


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