Lose weight belly

How to lose weight naturally?

We’ve done it all. All kinds of tips and tricks to lose weight, we’ve heard it all too. But it still seems like a Herculean task. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that. The key to losing weight naturally is to listen to what your body needs, and what it doesn’t.

First, fixate your mind that only by combining exercise and healthy eating habits one can lose weight naturally. Once you lose weight the healthy way, it is more long term than any other ways. You are less likely to gain it back.

It is also essential to understand that the process of losing weight is continuous, once you have adopted healthy eating habits, you must hold on to it, you must also continue your exercise regimes. Initial stages of the process, you can take up intense exercise regimes and follow a strict diet, as you continue to lose weight you can reduce the intensity of your exercise and be a little lenient with your diet. You will gradually understand how your body processes these changes, you will have new found confidence and there is no stopping you thereafter.



  • There are multiple diets you can adopt, but it is wise to stick to a low carb and high protein diet. It ensures you are using up your excess stored fats and at the same time replacing the energy need with proteins.
  • Avoid processed food, these are found to have an insane amount of latent sugars; you can opt for various substitutes instead.lose weight diet - salad
  • Keep yourself hydrated at any cost. Fill up on fibrous food like oat meals, to make your stomach feel fuller for longer.
  • I have found solace in green tea, it is not only an antioxidant but also soothing. Tea has that quality. Try to detox your body once in a while and get rid of harmful toxins.
  • When you are in the process, remember that you are more or less depleting yourself of your body’s energy source. This is why it is essential to eat on time, measure your portions and also indulge in dairy products in moderation.
  • Also be sure to do thorough research on what you should eat according to your current weight, age and also your gender. Every human being has different needs; the categorizations will simplify your understanding and help you to count your intake of calories.



  • I know everybody is busy, but the work out is more effective when done in the morning. This is because your body uses up the stored fats instead of already converted energy which is the case when you exercise in the evening.
  • Walking is the efficient way to lose weight. Walking for 45 minutes daily is a healthy habit to adopt.
  • Other exercises to consider are Jumping Jacks, Flying jacks, jogging/running and Squats. You can also enroll in martial arts class such as kick boxing to help you lose weight faster.

I was overweight, still am, but the difference is that I am still on my journey and continuously losing weight the natural way. It has made me a confident person and more aware of my surroundings. Bonus perks include great looking skin and a wonderful attitude towards life. Remember, to lose weight naturally, one must understand that the process is continuous.

This is my weight loss success story.

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