Blog writing

What is Blog writing?

What is a blog?

A blog writing is a type of writing entry. It is nothing but an online platform where you can daily update or as much frequently as you want to, can update, different articles about various topics. You can use your blog for your personal use, business use or different purposes. It is like a personal diary, where you share your feelings, thoughts and opinions with the world and make an identity for yourself. It is your website, and you can make your blog to be about anything that you want it to be. There are online platforms like Blogger and WordPress which let you blog for free; that is, they let you have a website for yourself which would be free, but would be under their name. You can design them with the templates that they have to offer, or else create them yourself with the knowledge of coding. On the other hand, some platforms like GoDaddy charge you a minimal fee for holding your website, but it will be completely under your name.

Earlier blogging was used as a personal diary, where people wrote about their day to day activities, events or uninvited occurrences. You could read the blogger himself, like a book. A lot of readers followed different bloggers and stayed updated with their new posts. Also, one blogger would follow another blogger, and both shared the same respect for one another. This way, these writers gained a following for themselves. But as days passed by, and time changed, the style of writing and purpose of blogging also changed. Today, people write about more interesting subjects, and question various issues as well as bring these matters to the notice of the audience.

Why do people blog?

Prepare your blog

There are still so many people who are unaware of blogging, and when they hear about it, their first question is “Why do people blog?’’

Blogging is a medium between the world and you. It is a platform where your voice can be heard; where you make your identity. You make people known about yourself, about your thoughts, about your thought process and what type of person you are as an individual. There are still some people who would want to share every detail of their day and share everything that they did or are yet to do. And on the other hand, some people might not even share a word about their personal life but would blog about things which interest them, or would blog about their hobbies and passion.

Different types of people prefer different types of blogging.  One type is lifestyle blogging, where people write an article subjected to real life experiences or to the reality. One can also do fashion blogging.Fashion blogging Fashion is a broad terminology with a broader scope.  As today’s world is getting advanced, and so is fashion. People want to be updated with what is trending, and then there are fashion bloggers who guide you about how to flaunt what that’s trending. If you have a sense of dressing and know how to do it right, then you too sure can become a fashion blogger. In the same way, the internet has got space for, from food bloggers rating the best food corners, to travel bloggers guiding you about unexplored places and how to plan your trip right. One can also make money out of blogging. You can use it for branding your company, or even for branding your talent. Blogging can proliferate your business and take you places.

The only key to becoming a good blogger is to be yourself and keep updating. It is about turning your passion into duty, which you must follow religiously.

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