Pets need extra attention and care all the time


Things to consider before getting a new pet home.                                                                                                                            

First of all, ask yourself this question; Why do you need a pet? This question needs a deep thinking before adopting one. Are you lonely? Do you love animals? Do you crave responsibility?
Adopting a pet is a major step which requires great commitment and change in lifestyle.

What is your daily schedule? Whether you are out all the time traveling or more like a stable person with a fixed job and holiday? This has to be considered before getting the right kind of pet for you. Dogs and cats need extra attention and care all the time so this pet is only for those who have a lot of spare time to look after them and also who crave responsibility.
Birds and fish do not need much attention so these two pets are suitable for those who have a hectic schedule who can’t spare a lot of time for their pet but still want one.


Does your home have enough space for the pets like dogs and cats to run? Is your home free of electric cords and small glass items or chemical toxins on the floor? For pets like birds and fishes, you need to ensure your home is properly ventilated. Something as simple as gums can be toxic for dogs and since dogs have a habit of putting everything in their mouth then you need to ensure there are no small toys left on the floor, bottles of chemicals on the floor or electric cords.

A friendly dog in garden


 Be ready to take a lot of time for your pet as after adopting them you can’t leave them to themselves to grow up and nurture. You need to give proper training to them so that they can grow up properly and know what to do what not to. Introduce your kitten to her litter box so that she doesn’t excrete anywhere and dirty the house. Take your dog on an outing to train them. Introduce him to the neighborhood and train them properly to not scratch the furniture and pillows. Teach them where to excrete to keep your home neat and clean.


You need proper funds to first adopt them and continually care for them. The cost can include the cost of food, their grooming, shelter, medication etc. Dogs and cats need high maintenance so the expenses can rise higher in case of the Fishes and birds have relatively low expense so you can choose your pet accordingly. Time, one thing which all kinds of pet require no matter what. Proper time and love will nurture them and make them loyal pets and a great companion.

Happy parrot feeding food

If any of your family members have allergies, some kinds of pets won’t be suitable for you. Cats and guinea pigs go with children but some breeds can cause allergy to small children and people. Do your proper research about the family medical history and also consult a vet before getting a new pet.

Not all pet foods are same and not all human foods are suitable for pets. Different pets need different types of food. Dogs generally need pedigree and raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and fresh meat. Cats generally love milk. Fishes need proper fish food and birds need bird food with gravels. Pet food choices should be guided by the pet’s specific needs, life stage, and lifestyle.

Pets food full of nutrients

Do you have enough time to play with your dog or birds? Do have enough time to take your cat to vet every time she falls sick? If you don’t have enough time to do all these then you need to keep someone who will take care of them all the time.

A Dog relaxing at home

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