Aquarium Maintenance Tips With pet ownership comes great responsibility


Aquarium Maintenance Tips

With pet ownership comes great responsibility. There is more to just having a beautiful aquarium in the house and keeping it clean doesn’t mean it looks great from the outside but also
from inside i.e health of the fish. Fishes need a healthy aquatic environment to live and swim properly. If you are keeping fish in an aquarium it’s your responsibility practice good aquarium maintenance which will provide a healthy aquatic environment. Here are some tips on maintenance of aquarium

maintenance of aquarium

This is the most important part of the maintenance which should be performed after every two weeks. Use a gravel vacuum to extract out water and debris. This will keep the aquarium clean
and healthy and will also keep nitrate concentrations at the same level.

keep the aquarium clean

Changes in temperature can harm the aquarium fish. Try not to put your aquarium in a window that gets a considerable measure of the sun or by warming or aerating and cooling vents, as intense
temperature changes can make your fish wiped out or even kill them. Tropical freshwater angle requires a steady temperature of 72°F – 82°F relying upon the species, in which case you’ll have
to buy an amphibian warmer for your tank.

Keeping the glass in your aquarium clean is the initial step to guaranteeing it remains a healthy environment for your fish. The most ideal approach to do this is by obtaining a green growth
scrubber from your nearby pet store and utilizing it on the internal sides of the tank before you change out your water or siphon anything out. Along these lines, you can get the glass clean, to
begin with, store what was on the glass into the water, and afterward clean the water.

Fishes keep swimming around and excrete waste and if these waste which is toxins are not removed or cleaned regularly, it will poison the fish so filtration is necessary for a healthy
environment. Follow the instructions that come with the filter.


Purchase a water testing kit and monitor the levels of ammonia, nitrates, and pH of the water. Follow the instruction on the kit and take the essential steps to the parameters of the water
As soon as you buy an aquarium, after few days you will start noticing the green algae being formed everywhere inside the tank. So it’s important to have proper cleaning to keep algae in
check and another option is also a fish called plagiostomous which you can keep in your aquarium which eats algae. It not only eats algae but also eats dead fish. So pretty much your task will be
easy by keeping this fish in your aquarium.

Tap water contains various elements which need to be balanced to support a healthy aquatic life. Water to fish is like air to humans. To condition water properly, use a de-chlorinating and
biological aquarium supplement available at your local pet store.


  • Don’t overfeed your fish.
    This will lead to health problems and be stuffing too much can make them excrete a lot which will dirty the aquarium water.
  •  Don’t forget to change the water regularly. Replacement water should of the same temperature as of aquarium water. Never use tap water directly to for the aquarium. Condition it first
  •  Don’t add too many fish to the aquarium. Overcrowding can make fishes fight within themselves and also cause water quality problems.
  • Don’t leave the aquarium in a sunny window or don’t switch on the light of aquarium all the time. This light can lead to excess algae growth and can also cause stress in fishes.
  • Don’t over medicate your fish. Use correct dosage or consult a guide.


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