Script writing is an art which helps one to become imaginative

Tips to write a great screenplay?

Script writing is the ultimate platform for writing screenplays. One writes scripts for dramas, plays, videos, movies, serials, and video games. Even YouTubers write scripts for their YouTube videos. The film industry is a very competitive stage, and it needs an exceptional script for screenplays to stand out from the crowd. So what makes your script an exceptional one?

Here are some tips to enhance your script writing-

1.Give a smooth outline to your script

When writing a story for screenplay the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the length of the story in mind. Dramas should not be longer than 2 hours and movies should not be longer than 3 hours. Try keeping humorous movies or scenes shorter. A 2-hour script generally consists of 120 – 130 pages.

Give a flow to your writing. But be restricted to time. If you have a good hold at writing, then generally one tends to keep on writing and makes the content too elaborative. It is easy to switch from one scene to another in such elaborative content, but it is not advisable to write one. Or else revise your draft again, and rectify the content and try to bring changes in every scene. Your outline should be concise but at the same time, it should be smooth.

2.Confining the story into three acts

The story is meant to be moved independently in three acts. These three acts are the foundations of the story and its narrative.

Act one: this is where the story begins from. It shows everything from an introduction to the protagonist’s purpose in the story. It also includes the genre of the story, and how the protagonist is merely inclined towards its purpose.

Act two: this is the body, the main portion where the whole story plays the game. Here the plot is described more precisely, all the conflicts, hurdles, facing the purpose takes place in this act of the story.

Act three: this is the concluding storyline. It generally draws us to conclusion or victory. It is fast paced as it is supposed to give closure to the whole story. It is much shorter and most of the time, it determines how good or bad the story was.

3.Write brain picking scenes

In simpler words, scenes are the events in a movie. It involves a location, purpose, people, and their dialogues. Scenes take the story ahead. They take us from one situation to another, making us understand what the story really is. Scenes with no purpose look meaningless and should be removed as they are simply redundant.

4.Write moving dialogues

Dialogues play the real big game in a script. The goodness of a movie is partly determined by the dialogues which the actors say. It should be powerful, moving and should make sense to all. If it’s a humorous movie, one should have the knowledge to put sarcasm and jokes rightly. If it’s a romantic movie, one should focus more on the beauty and pronunciation of different words which are to be used

5.Spread your work

Don’t just limit your work to yourself. Share it with your friends, family, and relatives or the ones whom you think are potential enough to give you honest reviews about your work. Revise your work two-three times, before you conclude it as the final draft.

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