There is always a right time to walk away,wait for the right time to come your way

Right time to walk away….

Have you ever felt the urge to cut off few people from your life? Have you wanted to stop seeing someone for they make you feel uncomfortable? Have you ever wanted to walk away from people who radiate negativity but you couldn’t ‘cause you feared loneliness?

Yes ? Trust me most of us have.


Love is a wonderful feeling and you may have decided “forever” with your partner but if your relationship is taking away your happiness, your identity, freedom then it’s not worth it. You find yourself stressed out and sad all the time and you are the only one putting efforts to run a relationship and still feel you aren’t good enough then you need to end this negative relationship.

  • End all kinds of contacts from that person and give yourself time, do things which make you happy and don’t rush into any other relationship. Enjoy your single time and discover yourself and gradually true love will come your way.

  • Surround yourself with people who can give you selfless love; your parents. They are the ones who believe in you the most and you will feel worthy around them

  • Own a pet. Animals like dogs will never make you feel lonely and will love you more than he loves himself. They bring happiness to your life

  • Make yourself a priority and believe in yourself . understand self-love is the most important thing.

Bad friend circle

Friend circle can change you for good or bad. If you find yourself stuck around people who make you do things you aren’t comfortable doing and they aren’t supportive at all and make you mentally sick then you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Don’t fear loneliness, loneliness is scary but being around bunch of people is scarier so just walk away

  • It’s not hard to make friends. Make yourself a priority, and be your own best friend for a time which will help you understand yourself a little better and you’ll attract like-minded people

  • Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and let you forget your problems because laughter is the best cure.

  • Work on yourself and be so good that they can’t ignore you.


Who doesn’t like to have a job and earn money? But if your job is taking away all your energy and happiness and still you are not appreciated for your work. When at the end of the day all you feel is exhausted and stressed out and you don’t have time for yourself at all then you need to find another job.

  • Find your area of interest and search jobs related to it because doing something you love is not at all stressful

  • Establish boundaries. Let no one harass you or make you work for extra hours for free. Make it clear in interview

  • You can’t eliminate the stress at workplace so make sure you take regular breaks to recharge your body

  • India is full of jobs, you’ll find one of your kind.

Life is full of options, you will get new friends, a new boyfriend/ girlfriend, a new job. You don’t have to be stuck in place just because you are unsure of your future. Believe in yourself and never do something at the cost of your happiness

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