Music can help person to be motivated and self confident


SHE is appealing and bewitching. She can make you go on knees. Everyone craves for her presence. She is rather an addiction. And SHE is MUSIC!!!

Anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, high blood pressure etc… Could be the risks of drugs. But music, when consumed as a drug, can cure all these side-effects.

Alcohol, tranquilizers, heroin, cocaine, sex, food, music….

drug is dangerous for life

Why did music get categorized into addiction? Why is it, virtually impossible to watch a movie without a soundtrack?

A MUSICOHOLIC person said life seemed to be hollow and rhythmless without music. He said when we get deep into songs, it starts shaping us, and our thought patterns get tuned.

DOPAMINE, a chemical involved in motivation and addiction, is the reason behind this. When we listen to music, it is analyzed by different areas of the brain. This neurotransmitter is a pleasure center which makes us seek things that comfort us. Thus dopamine is adultery. Dopamine is love. Dopamine is attention. Well, this blabbering of mine might be because of my dopamine being busy!

music is addictive

Psychologists exclaim that “your journey is safe when your driver listens to music”. It might sound unfamiliar, but it is the dopamine release, which makes them stay fresh and alert. Also, cyclists, gym rats, customers in malls tend to be active and happier when they hear the music. This tendency is used for “successful business” by entrepreneurs.

To be more scientific, the cerebellum has its network with AMYGDALA, the center for emotion that receives and processes the impulses. The mesolimbic system indulges in the transmission of “pleasure-seeking” dopamine.

study and listen to music

Interestingly, the processing of rhythm happens in right or bilateral areas of the brain while the tempo is conceived by the pre-motor area of the brain. This triggering of pre-motor area activates cortico-spinal excitability, which facilitates the urge to dance. Even a year old baby can tap its feet and move to the tunes, because of this stimulation.

Now, such an obsessed drug comes well packed in cassettes, CD’s, mp3-players etc. The enslavement level reaches a point where we become a puppet, and the strings are handled by MUSIC.

listen to music all day

DRUGS and ADDICTION are dangerous, depending on the consumption. In my opinion, Addiction is a strong word for a subtle person like music. Yes, music has the power to make you, escape from the real world but we cannot deny the fact that it overcomes all cultural, ethnic and linguistic boundaries. It is a feeling of emotion and exchange of ideas among souls without any scripts.

I personally feel no ashamed of being a slave to music, unless it de-motivates me.

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