Gardening is a way of showing your creativeness and being enivornment friendly

Complete guide for kitchen gardening

If you too feel that your balcony looks very dull and murky with broken chairs and worn out a newspaper, then gardening is the best thing you can practice to turn it lively. Indoor gardening won’t just enhance the beauty but will also give you fresh fruits and veggies in return. The biggest misconception when it comes to indoor gardening is space. Folks often excuse themselves by saying that indoor gardening requires a lot of space but this is not true. Herbs can easily grow in small pots which can be kept in balcony or else hanging plants can be hardened. Like every coin has two sides, it also has. It isn’t that easy like it sounds. Here are few guidelines which you can follow if you are planning to grow plants on your balcony or start a kitchen garden in limited space at your home.

1.Give proper time to your garden:

There is no point of starting an indoor garden if you can’t give your plants proper time. By the proper time, I don’t mean you need to watch them for hours but even 15-20 minutes will work. You need to water them and check that they aren’t getting infected. If you can’t even spare few minutes for your garden then you should drop the idea and think of something else to beautify your balcony because there is no point of keeping dull and dry plants and letting them die.

2.Start with herbs:

If you are new to gardening them start with herbs. Herbs are the small plants which can grow even in small containers like mint, coriander, basil etc. You can grow hanging plants like bottle gourds if you don’t have enough space. Visit your nearest nursery and buy the seeds of the herbs with which you are willing to start your garden.

3.Not every plant can grow in pots:

Don’t let your greediness upset and de-motivate you because all plants can’t grow in containers. Often when we start and experience the pleasure of plucking fresh fruits and vegetables we get greedy and turn up in sowing those seeds which require enough space to grow. There are some plants whose roots need space to expand and dig deeper into earth

4.You might have to use herbicides:

You need to watch your plants properly. At times they get infected with pests which if checked initially can be cured and you can prevent the infection from spreading. Consult a gardener and buy the pesticides which your plant requires. While using pesticides keep in mind that excess of everything is bad.

5.Neither under watering nor overwatering:

Plants require an optimum amount of water for their growth. Lack of water makes them dry and excess of water causes clogging. In either situation, plants die and we suffer loss.

6.Don’t keep them in dark:

Different plants require a different amount of sunlight but there are no plants which can grow in dark. Plants like spinach, mint, carrots, ginger, peas require less sunlight while dill, chilies, watermelons, tomatoes require more sunlight. Depending upon the amount of sunlight we can choose space for your containers.

7.Size of the container matters:

Some plants like coriander, basil can grow even in the limited amount of space or small containers, while some require big containers. If you have enough space on your balcony you can plant trees like lemon, carrots, apple etc in big containers. Be wise to choose the plants according to space available.

8.The soil you choose:

You can add manure like cow dung in the soil. Go for organic manure like vegetable peels and cow dung. Different types of soil are preferred by different plants. If it requires clay soil then your container should have maximum percentage of clay soil

This is the list of fruits you can grow:






This is the list of veggies you can grow:








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