Blog writing can be a interesting hobby and good way to keep your opinion in words.

10 Important blog writing tips

If writing is not your forte, then writing blog posts and other marketing articles would be a difficult job for you. Everyone knows that great convincing articles are very influential and if you have the right words to do it with, the world will have all its hands down for you.

Well all bloggers, let it be for business or personal blog, face this problem sooner or later. But having these 10 important blog tips at the tip of your tongue, you are all ready to get started with writing your blog posts.

An engaging introduction

You need to write a fetching introduction to catch your readers on a good hook, just as the way I did. If I hadn’t written a catchy introduction, you would not have been still reading my article. Learn how to keep your readers engaged with the opening para.

Catchy headlines

Know what your article is about and what will it take your piece to stand out. Writing catchy headlines, and writing exactly what readers want to read makes your articles different from that of others.


Hardly some people do have the patience to read the entire article from top to toe. Many of us tend to scroll down till we find what we actually were searching for. Subheadings play a crucial role here. Subtitles direct the readers exactly where and what they want to read. Make sure that your every article has a subheading.

SEO friendly?

Always write SEO friendly articles. If you are writing a business blog, then an SEO friendly article is a must. SEO optimises your website, making it easy for people to reach your articles via search engines like Google or Yahoo. This builds traffic on your website, meaning more the traffic, more the readers.

Key Words

Writing keywords is very important. The keywords and the user quickly on your site. Make a research on popular keywords or phrases for your articles, which is all the possible searches people will find in the search engine, letting them land on your website. Keep keyword density in mind, by not making the article too crowded.

Plagiarism free

Your articles intentionally or unintentionally may be similar to someone else’s materials. Copying someone else’s piece of work and stating them as yours is what is called as plagiarism and is nothing, but a sheer crime. There are many plagiarism checker tools online which let you know how much original is your article.

Proofread your article

Everyone hates fluffs, and the internet is full of grammar Nazis. You make one grammatical mistake, and the whole internet will eat you raw. Make sure that your spellings are correct; you have put the punctuation marks correctly and done the needful. Grammatical errors reduce the quality and reliability of your articles.

What does your audience want?

Know that what does your audience intends to know about. Make a research on search engine popular searches and with your knowledge and research on that particular topic write a meaningful and factual article on the same. You can also ask your readers what they want you to write about or conduct a survey as well.

High-quality images

Make your blog look appealing. The first look at your blog or article will leave an impact on your readers which will decide whether they will stay for more than a second on your blog or not. Make use of right and relatable pictures and make it look fascinating.

Write rightly!

Last but not the least, write! Have a flow of your writing and know your style. Every writer has his own style. Do an intensive research work and mix your creation with facts. Do a proper formatting as needed and do bold the words when required. Make use of daily life relatable examples and use the thesaurus to increase your vocabulary. Make a draft if needed and then finalize it.

Writing engaging articles for your blog is surely not a cake walk, but by keeping these 10 important tips in your mind an implying them at the same time, you are all ready to go.

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