Fish pedicure is very relaxing for mind and health.

Everything to know about fish pedicure?

Fish pedicures, what is so good or bad about this business that it has gained so much popularity? In recent years, Fish pedicures  have gained a lot of popularity, some due to its benefits and other due to its disadvantages. In particular, there is not much difference between in any normal pedicure or fish pedicure. In both the pedicures, dead skin layer is crapped off to give you smooth and clean feet but the difference is that, in normal pedicures, it is done manually while in fish pedicures ‘Garra Rufa’ or doctor’s fish is used. These fish are exploited by middle east countries like Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

How you get this fish pedicure?

Firstly to avoid infection, the salon workers have to check that you don’t have any medical issue or any injury or open wound in your feet. Once checked, your feet are dipped in a container with lukewarm water and fish from a different container are poured into it. There are nearly 100 to 150 fish at a time in the container. The containers are either cleaned in between the shifts to avoid contamination or they contain water purifiers which keep on cleaning the water. These fish nibble and crap off the dead cells from your feet. Depending on the time you are charged. Once your time is over you are given a normal manual pedicure.


You might hear a lot of buzz about fish pedicure but it also has many controversies. The fish which are used to get the pedicure are starved because, in order to stay alive in the warm water, they are forced to feed themselves on the dead skin cells. As these fish are exploited from the middle east, their absence has an adverse effect on the aquatic life of other plants and animals. Open wounds are highly infectious and sometimes due to the carelessness of the salon workers, customers with injuries are also permitted to get the pedicure. This carelessness can also lead to the transfer of HIV.


As such there are no exceptional benefits of a fish pedicure. Like any normal pedicure, fish pedicure also removes dead skin layer to give you a smooth effect. Due to the absence of food, they feed themselves on the dead skin. Fish pedicures have reduced manual work because we no longer need anyone to rub a pumice stone on the feet.



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