Drawing a face is an art of representing your skills.

Easy steps to sketch a face

Easy steps to sketch a face

Drawing face is challenging. I am not an artist, but I learned drawing a face using a template which is almost mathematical in defined proportions. In this post, I will share the template and show you how I drew my first face, well literally second, the first one was to see if it works, using this template. Let’s begin.

Step 1 – Basic structure of Face

Draw a circle or an approximate circle. Now draw a vertical line, from top of the circle. It should be a bit smaller than twice the diameter of the circle. Find mid of vertical line. Draw a horizontal line passing through this midpoint.

Step 2 – Basic structure and Jawline

Divide bottom half of this line into three equal parts by drawing three horizontal lines. Also, draw jawline as shown in the figure below. Jaw could be pointed or smooth oval, it depends on the character.

Step 3 – Template for Eyes and Nose

This is general eye drawing technique. Draw two ovals for the eye. Just keep in mind that the distance between eyes is same as the width of an eye. For the nose, draw two vertical lines. The width of the nose is same as the distance between the eyes.

Step 4 – Template for Mouth and Neck

For mouth – draw vertical lines from the middle of eyes. This is the size of mouth.

Neck – extends middle line and curves outward. It goes inside of jawline.

Now our basic structure is ready. Time to fill in some details. If you need you can download this face drawing template.

Step 5 – Details

Filling details need practice. It feels difficult when you draw the first time. After you have drawn 50 times, it starts to become easy.

Eyes – Top of the iris is covered more than bottom of iris. So it is not a circle. Draw eyeballs – just circles with a diameter equal to eye width. Eyebrows touch the upper part of the eyeball. Now draw the eyebrows.

Ears – Top part aligns with eyebrow and bottom part with the nose.

Mouth – Bottom of lip align with the lower horizontal line, that we drew earlier.

Jaws – Girls have a softer jawline. Males have more angular jaws.
Hair – hair extends beyond the rough guideline that we drew earlier. Now your face is done.



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