Taking better jumping photos is one the adventures hobby.

Take Better Jumping Photos

Jumping in the air photos are very popular and has been a huge trend with people jumping at their wedding, parties, beaches, etc. Literally, everyone wants to have this kind of photos. But why the fun should stop if you don’t know how to photograph people in mid-air. A perfect jumping photo can be taken by following some simple steps:

A Guy showing Free jump

  1. The most important thing while taking a jumping photo is to get low. The more low you get, the more subject looks higher above the ground.
  2. Get close to the subject as it amplifies the same effect that the subject looks higher above the ground.
  3. Ask the subjects to relax as most people while jumping makes stressed faces. Their stressed faces can also result in a good photo as it can represent their excitement and thrill they are feeling.
  4. Use a low shutter speed (e.g. 1/400) and an aperture of 5.6/f and use flash for not so bright places.
  5. Adjust the ISO now to get a decently lit image (high ISO more grains).
  6.  Keep the camera on automatic focus and pre-focus on the subject as we won’t have time to manually focus it.
  7.  Do a countdown for the subjects to jump and take a burst shot to choose out the best-timed photo.
  8.  For more creative photos you can ask the subjects to make shapes with their bodies.

You might not get it right at the first time but practice is the key to success. Just follow the above steps and take the perfect timed jumping photo.

Here is a photo that I took at convocation.

College convocation moments

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