facial masks for glowing skin

Different types of facial masks

  • Facial masks have a very long history and a much longer future because of their increasing trends. Don’t we realize that the quality of our skin keeps on deteriorating as the day passes on and by the end when we reach back to our home from our workplace our skin gets very dull and lustreless? With pollution increasing and our schedules getting hectic, all we need is a perfect facial mask according to your skin type. Facial masks not only gives a nourishing appearance but also lightens the mood.Mentioned below are some of the basic types of facial masks for all sorts of skin
  • Clay Facial Mask:

Clay facial masks very efficiently soak oil and toxicity from the skin without leaving any dryness. Clay mask can be produced by using natural ingredients without any adulteration. One of the most basic types of clay used in facial masks is Montmorillonite. All you have to do is mix some facial clay in lukewarm water and spread it on a porous cloth. Leave it for few seconds and apply it on your face to get a smooth effect. They are usually used on oily skin but can be also used on the normal skin for removing excess oil.

  • Peel-off mask

Peel -off mask come in gel or wax. They are used to absorb oil but are not as effective as a clay mask. These masks solve the problem of antioxidants and hydration. Before applying peel off mask one should wash the face properly with lukewarm water to remove dirt else they clog the skin pores.Once the face is washed and wiped, the gel is applied and left to dry. When the skin starts to stretch, the mask is gently peeled off giving a radiant skin. These masks also help to uproot facial hair and give a smooth appearance.

If you go to any salon and ask for a facial mask then usually they offer thermal masks. These masks are excellent for face lifting and removing wrinkles and sunburns. When applied, they start radiating heat thus open pores and the skin gets air to breathe.These masks can also be prepared at home using rice flour, oats, almonds, yogurt, honey, and oil. To know the complete procedure wait for the next blog on facial makeup!

The natural mask includes anything organic like cucumber, papaya, honey, yogurt, eggs etc. They are best because they are cent percent pure and simple to obtain. Even if we apply these organic masks for few consecutive days we can see amazing effects. Mix lemon and sugar and smoothly apply it on the skin to remove sunburns and acne. It is just one simple face pack. There are further many natural facial masks coming up in my next blog on homemade facial masks which are very simple to make.

  • Warm Oil Mask:

Warm oil mask increases blood circulation and gives soothing effects. But why go to a spa to get a facial mask when you can get one at home. All you have to do is mix some olive oil with lukewarm water and gently apply it in circulating motion on your face. When we gently rub the oil in circulating motion it gets absorbed in the pores resulting in a baby soft skin.


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