writing can relax person's mind.

Writing as a hobby

Types of writing entry




Journal writing

Journal entry

Journal writing is often mistaken for a diary entry but is entirely different. One can make a journal for various aspects of an art journal, a travel journal, or a cooking journal.

Diary writing

Diary entry

Diary entry gives you your personal space. In a diary entry, one writes about his daily events, or about his thoughts and feelings. This writing gives a human touch, as in having someone to confide in.

Blog writing


Blogging is a broad concept. If you want your business to proliferate, blogging will escalate you quickly and will take you places. Blogging is simply a platform where one can publish his articles, let it be personal, educational or business type. One can start it as a hobby and also as a portfolio. There are lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, tutorials on various topics and portfolios.



Journalism is the act of writing informative content for newspapers, magazines, or news websites. Journalism is not only about reporting news, but it is also about fusing facts with personal opinions and presenting it to the readers in a compelling manner.

Types of writing

There are various types of writing one can opt for. Different people have different preferences and try to exhibit them in a different manner.




Essay writing


When thoughts start flowing, words start pouring, and the ability to beautifully incorporate your flowing thoughts into words is the essence of essays. Essays have no limit to words, and one can write in whatever manner they feel like. It is more subjective to personal opinion than presenting facts. There are descriptive essays, persuasive essays, and personal essays.

Short story writing

Short stories

Short stories are prevalent in young children. Short stories are accounts of one or two incidents. They are subjective to having climax quicker than any other types of stories.

Poetry writing


Poetry writing is the most creative form of writing. It has the power to move readers and can present the poet’s thoughts and feelings in a unique style, rhythm, and rhyme.

Prose writing


Prose writing is slightly different from poetry, that is, it doesn’t have any metrical structure. It is free verse, and one can show his creativity, with the right use of words which have the ability to move people.

Novel writing


Novels are the most popular form of literacy. They are lengthy fiction or non- fiction writings, including accounts of storytelling and presenting characters with some action.

Fiction writing


It is a literary, especially novels, where it is written in the form of prose with imagination, including imaginary characters, plot, and events.

Non-fiction writing


It is literary which is opposite of fiction, that is writing real-life events and characters.



Scriptwriting is the ultimate platform for writing screenplays. One writes scripts for dramas, plays, videos, movies, serials, and video games. YouTubers also write scripts for their YouTube videos.

Song lyrics

Song lyrics

Writing song lyrics is probably a hobby. People who take a profound and intense interest in music love to write song lyrics. One can also start blogging song lyrics. Those who want to be musicians, can write their songs and start collaborating with the various music companies.

Biography writing


Biography is writing an account of someone else’s life in your words.

Autobiography writing


Autobiography is writing about your own life, in fact, including life events, inspirational incidences, and the type of life you have led.

Elements of writing




Writing the title


The title of a piece of writing plays a significant role. The title puts the first impression on the readers’ mind. It is supposed to be catchy and compelling.

The nature of the piece of writing; what is it about


You have to be certain about what you are writing and what are you writing about. Around what type of moral, does it revolve around?

Time and relation


Being clear about your transition, that is time, place and relation. They alert the reader that the tense is going to change. It gives the reader a clear picture of what are you trying to tell them. It denotes even a single shift noticed in another direction.



Grammar is a very crucial aspect of your writing, as it can decide the quality of your writing. It should be error free, appealing to readers, which will persuade the readers to read more.

Active voice and passive voice


Choose your voice. It denotes whether a subject is acting or is being acted upon. Pieces written in active voice are preferred more, but changing it into passive voice is no harm. One should keep tenses in mind.

Way of writing


A style is a way, in which one writes. It should suit well enough to you and also to your readers. One should be consistent with his style of writing. Everyone has their style of writing, you should know yours too.

Choice of words


Choosing the right words for your writing to play a vital role. It represents your vocabulary and tells your audience what you want to express. Several words with similar meanings have different implications. Choose your words wisely

The tone of writing


The tone you write should be appropriate and pleasing to you as well as your audience. The tone or the attitude that you use tells a lot about you. The tone might tragic or comic, romantic or happy, the way you present them is fundamental.


There is a plethora of genres from where one can choose from to write- fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, mythology, horror, tragedy, comedy, drama, and satire.

Types of writing styles




Telling the story

Narrative writing

In a narrative style of writing, the author’s primary purpose is to tell the story, which is to write the characters, event and plot creatively, making it easy for the readers to understand. The only purpose is to tell a story reasonably.


Descriptive writing

The primary objective of the descriptive style of writing is to describe a particular character, a place, or an event. It is about showcasing the power of words and letting one’s vocabulary intensively flow.

Explaining the piece

Expository writing

The expository writing style is all about explaining what one is talking about. It is subjected to and focused on a particular topic or incident, where the author is trying to explain its matters purpose.

Persuading the reader

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is opinion-oriented. It contains opinions, views, and biases of the author. It focuses on convincing the audience. It includes logic, rationality or irrationality (subjected to the reader), justifications and reasons.

To start as a writer




To start writing


To start writing, one has to write actually. Thoughts in your mind will just remain as thoughts in your mind unless you execute them. Implement your plans. The first step is to start writing whatever that comes into your mind, and later on, you can incorporate them into proper words.


Be passionate

Writing is a form of art. It cannot be forced out; it comes from within. You should be passionate enough to be a writer.

Being consistent

Following a schedule

On many days writing can make you weary. You should be excited enough to write, to get along with it. Set a schedule of when and where are you going to write.

The abundant amount of reading

Great writers are voracious readers

You can write well only when you read well. Open your mind and read different materials, books or blogs. Educate yourself and find inspiration to write daily and to write on various subjects.

Word prompts

Writing prompts

Start referring some word or sentence prompts. Pick out any word and start writing with it, about it, or from it, or include it in your vignettes.

Finding ideas

Finding inspiration

Finding a theme, plot or even an idea can be difficult. But you have to start from somewhere. It is not important to just write a story. You can write about your opinions in a blog or put your ideas in a story. You need to read and go through various materials to find inspiration. Inspiration can be attained by anyone and anything. It depends on you, to decide what and who inspires you.

Showcasing your talent


The only way to become a better writer is not to keep it to yourself and publish your work with the audience. When you share your work with others, you comprehend that how good of a writer you are and what do the audience or the critic have to say. Sharing your work motivates one to write more.

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