Indian brides and their hairstyles are very unique

10 Cool Hairstyles for Indian Bride

Magic. That’s the only word that comes to mind when I behold a stunning Indian bride. Decked in a lehnga and ghoonghat, and her hands and feet adorned with intricate mehendi (henna), there is no denying that the traditional Indian Dulhan is the most beautiful bride in the world.

Should I go for an elegant bun or open my hair with curls? how will I look in photographs These are a few of the many questions that brides worry about when they are deciding on their wedding look. In this blog, I’ll give you 10 ideas for bridal hairstyles

1. Criss Cross Flower Accented Bun

When it comes to a traditional Indian wedding, the simple and sleek bun can never go wrong.This elegant doughnut bun style is perfect when worn under a ghoongat because it will keep your hair neatly in place. The simple individual flowers a rose or gajra add a touch of prettiness to your look.

2. Side Parted Ringlet Bun

Floral motifs ride high in Indian weddings be it on your dress or décor. It’s a pity that leaf-themed designs are underrated style. To get your hairstyle inspired by nature you can use this elegant ringlet bun which has been accessorized with a gold comb in a beautiful leaf design.

3. Bumped Up Curls

It’s amazing how a simple bump when inserted into your hair can transform the most basic of hairstyles into something incredible. This bump can give you gorgeous curly hair like the crown of her head.

4. Elegant Twisted Side Bun

This elegant twisted updo keeps things simple and chic and directs all the attention to your designer dress. Not everyone likes the traditional red lehenga for their wedding so If you would like to go for some classy neutral tones, here’s an updo that will go wonderfully with it. 

5. Curly Tendrils Updo

Want some drama on your wedding day, huh? Well, then there is no hairstyle that will suit you better than this beautiful curly tendril look, This stunning hairstyle makes your curls flow down in beautiful tendrils down your neck which accentuates your can create this look on your reception party as well.

6. Dramatic Center Parted Bun

Well, this is one of the most popular and gorgeous hairstyles because every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day.This opulent doughnut bun adds a graceful twist to the basic doughnut bun and completes this look with a beautiful mang tika in the center partition.

7. Loose Romantic Braid

If you don’t like heavy hairsprays and buns then you can opt for this simple yet ravishing hairstyle not only is this simple twisted braid style but it also pairs gorgeously with heavy silk saree to create the perfect South Indian bride look.

8. Bouquet Bun

Gajra is an intrinsic part of all Indian weddings. Nobody’s outfit at a wedding is complete without a string of jasmine in the hair. Bouquet Bun is unique yet trendy.

9. Intricate Floral Updo

If you are allergic to flowers or simply don’t like them there’s an alternative that you can try out in this intricate high up-do has been adorned with artificial flowers to add a celebratory feel to your whole bridal look. The plus point of using faux flowers is that you can match them with your outfit exactly.

10. Dutch Braids Bun

Dutch braids are my personal favourite because they have that quality of making any simple hairdo look super intricate and pretty. This stunning bun starts off with double Dutch braids in the front and ends with a fake bun in the back. A fake bun is a perfect way to get a full-bodied bun in case your hair lacks volume or you can use hair extensions.

11. Simple Floral Braid

Flowers play a pivotal role in its every aspect of a big fat Indian wedding. Adding a few curls and some artificial flowers in pink and red pastel colors can be a perfect example of beautiful floral hairstyle.

11.Elaborate Poola Jada Braid

A traditional poola jada is every south Indian Bride’s essential Hairstyle A Poola jada Braid is basically a two piece floral accessory that goes like a crown around the base of braid and jewelry or flowers are all along the length of the braid. Once a bride gets this hairstyle, the bride looks nothing less than a queen.

12.Traditional Gajra Braid

To look like a mind-blowing beautiful Tollywood actress on your wedding day you can add a simple twist to your braid. You can intertwine along gajra around your braid to add a floral touch to your traditional south Indian bridal look.


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