music makes your mind fresh


Nagada sang dhol …….This song had made me go really frantic. It had taken me to an extreme, where everyone around me felt like moving to its beats. Whenever a pause occurs in our group, I used to sing this line, THINTHANAKU THINTHANAKU…DHOOOLL NAA…DHOOL NAA…..
Man playing drum heavily.
to fill the gap and irritate my friends! I have even experienced like dancing along with Deepika Padukone in that black-red costume, leaving free hair in my dream sleep!
Scientifically, this kind of song struck syndrome is called an EARWORM. Fortunately, this does not come with a rare medical condition called palinacousis, caused by network flaw in a brain, that lead to auditory hallucinations.

A Girl in Hallucintion while listening music
Why the hell is that I have become a music-worm, might be the question of many! Well, a major part is contributed by the MEDIA. Repetition of songs in a loop until you hate it is the start of getting an earworm.

I have even faced people, who start a song, from the word we end while speaking! It could be also provoked by the experiences we had, which paves to associate an emotional bond with the song.
A notable example is that Jean Harris was obsessed by the song, “Put the blame on Mame” and developed a habit of recalling this regularly for over 33 years!

A study portrays that melody has the power to keep ringing in mind over other streams of music. Also, a simple pattern of composition rules a person rather than heavy and complex ones. Also, an earworm needn’t be your favorite tune! It is usually, a commercially hit song that is played often in places you visit malls, gym, radio etc…..

I have the worst experience of tum hi ho song erratically running in my head while writing my semester exam. Neither, I could stop thinking of that song nor write the exam well!
Studying while exams
The question arises if an earworm could be useful? Certainly yes! Few music lovers use them to trigger their memory. They associate an event or a person to every song they listen. So these people never forget anything as the memory is recalled once the song is heard again!Thus, earworms are indeed MEMORY ASSOCIATORS.

Fundamentally, an earworm is literally your brain singing without your permission to be simple.
Now, coming to the ways of stopping this phenomenon, here are few tips:
1. Sing the song completely aloud till the end
2. Engage yourself busy and deviate your mind.
3. If these do not help, then you are a highly MUSICOHOLIC person. The only manner is to shift another song, once the current ones seem addictive. Always be proud and say happily that you are a slave to MUSIC, for it can never let you down.

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