Blog Guidelines

All the bloggers at Wisdom Talkies are requested to follow the guidelines provided in this page. These will help you write useful blogs that get more audience. If we become aware of any plagiarized content or image, it will be removed from the site. Lets start!


Your content should convey some truly unique insight that comes from your experience and expertise. It should be written in an interesting manner to grab reader’s attention. Needless to say, it should be useful to the community. Check your text with Grammarly and fix any grammatical mistakes. You can use small seo tools to check for plagiarism before submitting content to the site.

Never, ever add plagiarized content to the site.

Blog Title

Write crisp and apt titles capturing the essence of your content. Try to make your titles interesting to catch the attention of the users.


It is a good practice to provide relevant links to Wisdom Talkies videos and other blogs within your text content. See how the following blog links to video and another blog.

  • Link to another blog with text “Mindfulness meditation”
  • Link to video with text “breathing exercise (Pranayama) daily will reduce anxiety”


Whenever you upload an image, it is necessary to fill the “Alt Text” field for it. Alt Text is description of image in context to your blog. While providing description assume that visitor is reading your description instead of actually seeing the image. Such a user should be able understand what the image would have been and relate it to your blog post.

[one_half]Image Source[/one_half][one_half_last]Image Resolution[/one_half_last]


  • You can use image released under creative commons
  • Sites like have creative commons images
  • You can always use photos you shot yourself


  • For featured image, the width should be 1280 pixels.
  • Preferred height is 720 pixels.


Never use images owned by someone else without their permission. In case attribution is required, provide it at the bottom-right corner of the blog. See the following blog for example.

Author Profile

  • Add a short description about yourself, preferably under 50 words
  • Having gravatar helps as your photo will appear along with your profile
  • You may add 2 external links related to your profile. These could be links to your profile on sites like facebook, Google+, Instagram etc


What not to do

  • Add plagiarized content to the site
  • Use images without permission
  • Add images without attribution where image owner asks to do so
  • Add links that point to blank pages or dead links
  • Forget providing “Alt text” while uploading images