Learn basic paper quilling shapes

How to make basic paper quilling shapes

Paper Quilling is the trendiest thing to follow if you are into artistic stuff and lover of art & craft. You can make beautiful greeting cards, photo frames, earrings, rakhi, key-chain etc from it but first, you have to master the basic shapes. These shapes can be assembled together to make beautiful designs. Even if you have no idea about paper quilling, you can give it a try – after learning basic quilling shapes in this article.

Quilling is simple and looks great when you finally finish it. Tighten your seat belts and get ready to immerse into beautiful designs and glamor of this art!

What you need?

To start quilling, you need to have the items mentioned below:

  1. Quilling paper strips (set of various colors)
  2. Quilling needle or stick
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors

Basic quilling procedure

Before we start making different shapes the basic procedure has to be followed for all the designs, the only difference comes due to the difference in applied force in different directions.

Hold the quilling paper and slot it in a slotting tool and keep on turning it around the slotting tool, you can either turn it in anticlockwise direction or in a clockwise direction depending upon your convenience. Once you have quilled enough paper, cut the strip and pull it out of the tool. Loosen your fingers so that the paper expands and then apply glue at the end to stick the paper. You have now successfully quilled a circle out of the quilling paper. In order to make other shapes, you have to first make a circle.

 learn to make spiral quilling

make spiral quilling

spiral quilling

Quilling basic shapes

To create any shape you have to judge the amount the paper you have to quill. The more paper you quill, the denser and bigger is the shape. If you want a small shape, you don’t need a lot of quilling paper. You may use only half the strip. Below are some of the most basic quilling shapes:

  • Teardrop: In order to make a teardrop you have to press the circle at one corner.

make tear drop quilling set teardrop quilling with glue

  • Curved tear-drop: To make a curved teardrop you have to hold the rounded part from one end and using your thumb of the other hand press the teardrop. The more you press, the more curved teardrop will be.
  • Marquis or eye: To make an eye you have to hold the circle from too extreme ends and press both the corners.

Marquis or eye shape quilling

  • Leaf: To make a leaf you need to first make an eye and hold it from two extreme ends. Press it at the extreme ends and apply force to move in opposite directions.
  • Triangle: Hold a teardrop at its tip and using your index finger apply force in the opposite direction in order to make the base of the triangle.
  • Square: To make a square press circle at any two extreme ends, again press it at the other two extreme ends but this time maintain equal distance because we want all the sides to be equal.
  • Crescent: To make crescent you need to hold the circle from any two extreme ends and apply force either inwards or outwards but keep in mind that both the forces have to be applied in the same direction.
  • Heart: To make a heart hold the circle with one hand and apply force in the middle of a point in front of the pointed tip

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