trekking is really very good for diverting your mind in a good way


In this era of an expedition, people always seek refuge from reality by escaping into places where they can leave all the worries behind and make a move which can leave them astonished and make them realize the fact that there is so much fun in randomness. The tranquility of nature makes them introspect their existence and encourages them to come out of their comfort zone in order to explore more.

A girl ready for trekking

One such way to provide a lifetime experience is trekking. So, before embarking upon this journey, a person must ensure precautions and some preparations.Therefore, what one should realize is that a good experience can be made memorable only with happy and lively moments and not with bad ones.

Preparation is what makes even the unpredictable path interesting and exciting. Therefore, following are the precautionary measures that one must undertake for ‘smooth sailing of their boat’ during the journey:

1. The first thing that should be kept in mind is consultation with a doctor and get a basic medical checkup done taking into consideration blood pressure, high pulse rate, sugar level, breathing rate etc.

2. Keeping into consideration one’s health, one must select the difficulty level of the trek that they wish to undertake as greater heights can cause severe breathing problems due to a lower amount of oxygen at high altitudes. Stok Kangri, Ladakh is one of the most popular places for high altitude trekking in India but people with undesirable health conditions cannot go for it.

3. One must consider the no. of days that are available for the person to undertake the trek and then select the location as per one’s choice. Assuming a person lives in Delhi and he /she wants to spend their weekend on trekking, then Triund Trekking is one the viable option available.

4.People generally forget to take the season into consideration in their excitement to start off the journey. For most of the trekking destinations from khatling glacier to Goecha La , the season starts from May to December and is considered most suitable for trekking.

5. To head start a trek, one must begin early in order to enjoy the top view of the mountains or plan for a camping at the top. For example: While on triund trekking people generally, reaches the top early by starting early and camp for the whole night at the top and then return back next morning.

Trekking is considered a sport since involves some intricacies that must be taken care of in order to make things work out in a perfect way and the person is able to achieve the feeling of wholesomeness that would not only encourage them to do better and more adventurous things physically but also challenging them to take up things that requires planning and acumen and coming out of such situations without much difficulty. Therefore undertaking such trips in life not only brings fun and adventure to life but makes you learn new things which are not a part of our daily monotonous lives.

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