parenting is very important if your are indulging with a pre-teen



Preteens are children who are under age of 13, especially between the age of 9-12. This age is very crucial as children are going to enter the very important phase of their lives; teenage years. These middle school years are full of magical blossoming full of ups and downs. The biggest danger for pre-teens is losing the connection to parents while struggling to find their place and connect in their peer world. building a great relationship with your child It’s never too late to build a great relationship with your child. Prepare them for their adolescence years assuring them that you are there for them. Support them thoroughly out and better make them realize the difference between good and bad from early days.

The disciple doesn’t mean punishing them when they are wrong. Set boundaries from an early age and set some code of conduct which will minimize the rebellious behavior in teenage years

Teach the importance of healthy diet to your children from an early age so that they can adapt to it. Prevent them from building an eating disorder and involve them in a habit of consuming a healthy diet which is necessary for the development of their bodies.

Healthcare Children's

Friend circle can change your personality for good or bad. This peer pressure can take your child on a wrong path and can get him involved in wrong habits. It can mold his teenage years in a bad way. Stay connected to his friends and if it’s a bad company try to distance your kid from them.

Children's Company

To reduce the act of rebelliousness give them their space and freedom to do things and make them self-dependent. You need to know your child is growing up and give them duties and let them do their own stuff by themselves.

freedom and self-dependent


It’s their developing stage and they are going to make mistakes and take some wrong decisions. Don’t overreact to their decisions. Don’t add fuel to the fire. By this, they get more upset and drift away from you. Indulge them in sports and physical activity. You surely don’t want your child to be lazy inactive so indulge them into sports from an early age to keep them fit and healthy in a long run. Sports also make the mind sharp which will help in overall development of your child.

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