Descriptive writing is an art of understanding things deeply

How to write descriptively

Do you notice one common style of writing in all the fictional books that you read? The description. It’s beautiful how the writers can describe one particular place, thing or a person in so many ways. Writing descriptively invites more readers and keeps them intrigued by your work. It lets the reader know the thing, person or place in detail and makes the reader feel homely or close to the subject as if the story in the book is alive.

Here are some tips to write descriptively

Choose a topic

Now, you can’t directly jump into writing novels or stories or poetries. If you want to be an expert at it, you have to take one step at a time, and that is, by starting with practicing. Choose a good easy topic or one which pleases you. The one you think that you know about well write, a quite lot of things about it. It can be a person, a place, or an item. It can be a feeling, a dream, or an experience.

For example, a book named ‘’my sister Jodie’’ about which I had discussed in my previous article, opens with the description of the narrator’s sister. About how her sister’s name was the first word she spoke after she was born.

Write about those things which are meaningful to you and makes sense to you.

Introduce the place, person, or thing

To make the reader understand what topic you’re talking about, introduce that place, person or thing. You can straightaway start describing or be a little more creative.

For example, instead of writing ‘’I am married to my wife Ellen, for 15 years now. She was wearing a red dress when I saw her for the first time’’

You could write ‘’drenched in velvet red, she walked into the room catching my attention in the room full of people. Back that day, I didn’t even have the least of idea that Ellen would be my wife today’’

Make use of the five senses

When you want to describe someone or something, the easiest way is to describe it by making use of the five senses- seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

For example- ‘’ I was tired and sleepy, and she was an hour late. I was angry by then and decided to leave, but then I saw her coming; hurrying towards me. Her silly smile made all of my anger away. She looked beautiful than ever before, and as she came closer to me she smelled like roses. ‘’I am really sorry, I couldn’t leave on time’’ she said and held my hand. I was so lost in swallowing so much of beauty at a time, that I was not sure whether that was what she said, but her voice soothed me. Her touch was so gentle and soft, it made me feel alive and made me feel that someone cared for me. We strolled on the sidewalk and bought ice creams. With her, everything felt so perfect and beautiful. Even the ice cream tasted well, the chocolate chips dark, and the sweetness fine, than ever before.’’

The above paragraph made use of all the five senses to describe the situation.

Make observations

When you’re describing something, do not just tell, but show. Write so well, that it paints a picture of the reader’s mind. Bring your observations to attention.

Write appropriate amount

Many times it can happen so that in order to write descriptively, you become slow in moving to the next topic. After writing down your lines, read it several times to ensure that you are not going slow, and the amount of description is just fine.

Write a concluding sentence

To give your readers an idea of moving from one topic to another, you have to give your description a concluding sentence. For example, after describing the whole situation, the concluding line I wrote above ‘’ with her, everything felt so perfect and beautiful’’.

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