Parenting should be done in proper way,to make healthy relation with your child



Raising a child, particularly interestingly, is both energizing and testing. This is a period for building up the bonds that will endure forever giving the youngster the inward assets to create confidence and the capacity to relate decidedly with others. It is additionally the ideal opportunity for guardians to start to find who this new individual truly is. Every kid is exceptional and it is basic that guardians figure out how to comprehend, regard, bolster and empower the special qualities and capacities of every type.

new born baby
1 st stage
0-1 year: in this stage, babies learn and observe things around them. Learning process takes place learning process of memory, language, thinking, and reasoning. A lot of attention is needed at this stage. Read out in front of them, it will help them to grasp things and your words. Play with them and take care of them emotionally, physically and mentally. Make them feel secure by cuddling and giving lots of love.

1 year old baby
1-2 years
In this age, an infant is aware of their surroundings and can recognize familiar names and faces. They can now crawl. Readout daily and improve their language by correcting them and talking to them more often. Encourage your child’s independence by letting him or her feed themselves. Give them plain milk instead of sugary drinks. Keep all the sharp objects out of their reach. Encourage them to eat healthily.

2 to 3 year baby
2-3 years
Toddlers will experience huge thinking, learning, social, and emotional changes that will help them to explore their new world, and make sense of it. Teach them to chew the food properly and not put pencils and crayons in their mouth. Don’t leave them around water alone. Indulge them in healthy eating. And keep them away from tv as much as possible cause it can harm their eyes. Encourage them in free play, it will make them active physically and mentally.

3 to 5 year baby
3-5 years
In this age, They will become more independent and begin to focus more on adults and children outside of the family. They will want to explore and ask about the things around them even more
Their personality will be developed depending on the surrounding people. Gem them admitted in a play school where they can learn new things and their personality can be developed. Eat with your child so that they can look up to you. Provide them with fruits and vegetables. Give your child things to play with plastic balls and bats.

6 to 9 year baby
6-9 years.
In this stage, a child is independent and can do their work by themselves. They start going to middle school and friendship is an important part of their life. Their social, mental and physical skills start developing at this age. This is a critical time for children to develop confidence in all areas of life, such as through friends, schoolwork, and sports. They will go through social and emotional changes. This is the most critical stage for parents as they have to give proper attention to their child who is no more a child. Talk to them about their school and future plans and appreciate them for their accomplishments. Make rules and ensure to stick to them. Be with them more often and consider them as a friend instead of your child. Teach them a sense of responsibility and teach them respect also respect their privacy and don’t try to get too involved. Give them healthy and tasty lunch which can minimize the purchase of junk food from cafeterias of school. Eat together and encourage active play.


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