Sketching makes person think in a different way


In the current genre of time when you get less space yourself and are coxed up with day to day hassles, expressing yourself becomes an integral essential. Here comes in sketching which acts a real stress buster as it is not only a form of art but most prominently it is tact of self-expression and best stress manager.

To be at peace with yourself you need to release your thoughts and let them wander making their own castles. Sketching too provides you with the same tools. People used to sketch pictures even before they learned how to write.

You do not need to be a great artist to express your thoughts, sketching is all about your own unique style and methods, your lone way of self-interpretation.

It’s a rough design of your thoughts presented on a canvas all through your hands. A pictorial presentation of your thoughts, imaginary figures and mental stature. Contemplate it as a depiction of your life drawn out on a piece of paper. 

Sketch of path  Sketch of temple with stair

Sketch of maharaja gate  House in middle of mountain

Sketches can be made with any drawing element. You can opt for a pen, pencil, charcoal, color pencil anything which takes a grip in your hands and let loose your emotions and portray them on any of the available media.

sketch of tree  sketch of eye

sketch with pencil  color sketch of flower


Sketches can be made in any drawing medium. You can use plain paper, drawing sheets, smooth papers, fine grain papers, Ingres paper, bristol boards and many so.

plain paper to use sketching smooth paper for sketching drawing sheet for sketchingfine grain paper for sketching

colored sheet for sketchingingres paper for sketching

Give yourself a break. Take out just a few hours away from all the social life and help yourself to know you better. Believe me, there is nothing more relaxing than sketching. It gives you an urge to keep moving forward. It’s like an exercise which keeps your mind and soul fit and active. It can even improve your communication skills as your sketch will convey all your emotions without the usage of words. It’s a great stress buster and improves your holistic health.

The best part of sketching is, you are not a slave of rules here. You are your own master and creator. Enjoy being the ruler.

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