Make-up essentials for every girls need.


WAKE UP AND Makeup!!

It has become a part of daily routine for every woman. Every woman is beautiful and every woman can be even more beautiful! I believe makeup is the most important of all because it is our face that reflects our deepest essence and emotions, that interacts with other people when we speak with them when we look in their eyes, laugh, show our opinions or feelings through our facial expressions and makeup also boosts our confidence. Makeup is the time one can concentrate on themselves because it is important to give yourself that kind of attention is very important. We all know that beauty is the secret weapon of success and the skillful application of makeup is the secret weapon of beauty!


There are some products that every woman must have in their makeup pouches. Those are as follows:-



Lip Balm

Neutral eyeshadow palette

Brow pencil


Eyeliner and Mascara


All makeup fans know the importance of sunscreen and especially in a country like India where the sun shows no mercy on your skin, therefore one must not leave home without applying a good sunscreen or sunblock cream. You can use L’oreal Paris dermo expertise UV Perfect sunscreen with SPF 30. Women with oily skin can use lotus safe sun matte gel sunscreen.


Primer is also a makeup essential as it provides a foundation for rest of the makeup essentials. One can use the primer by Lakme, NYX studio perfect is one of the best primers for oily skin and are easily available in Indian markets. Next, we head towards a proper and perfect foundation and concealer. One must make a note that foundation should be chosen on the basis of your skin color. According to me the key to makeup that looks great all day is starting with a perfectly solid foundation. I personally love liquid foundation as I like to sheer it out on the skin and it makes the skin look luminous and perfected, not caked on. As for concealers look out for brands which offer options for both cool and warm undertones for most natural looking coverage of your face. Concealers act like a best friend in covering all your skin concerns like dark circles, acne and pigmentation. For a perfect foundation, you can look at Maybelline’s fit me, matte + poreless foundation (price –RS. 525). Nowadays there are some waterproof foundations also available in markets such as Bourjois mineral matte foundation and L’oreal Paris infallible lasting foundation to give you a perfect look even in rainy days. You can use Mac finish concealer to hide all your blemishes and marks.


Now we come to a most important part of the face that is our lips. Lips are five times more sensitive than our facial skin so we need to choose the lip products more carefully. For lips, I will suggest The Body Shop’s hemp lip protector which is easily available at The Body Shop Outlets. If you want colored lip balms then you can opt for Maybelline’s Baby lips range which has SPF 20.


It’s very rightly said by Anastasia that nothing frames a face so beautifully or gives an instantaneous lift like perfectly shaped brows. Lakme eyebrow pencil (Rs. 80 for 1.2g) and Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper can give you naturally defined and fuller eyebrows within few minutes.


Let your eyes speak louder than your mouth. One can use eyeliner for different eyeliner styles like winged eyeliner or Cleopatra style or goth eyeliner style to add drama to your eyes. You can use bobby brown long eyewear gel eyeliner or L’oreal’s super gel intenza. To add an extra edge to your eyes you can use mascara by L’oreal Paris and MAC. To give a soothing effect to your eyes you can use Neutral Eye Shadow Palette. Maybelline The nudes( Rs. 899) & L’oreal Paris color Riche La Palette (Rs.1399) can give you a smoky, sultry or simple look to your eyes.

These makeup essentials can give you a stunning look at your date night or flawless look for regular college days and it can give an edgy look to working ladies as well. These makeup essentials can help you achieve the perfect look for every occasion.


Cosmetics are the products we use to enhance our appearance but choosing the wrong products can damage your skin. One must avoid makeup blunders whether you are makeup newbie or a beauty veteran. There are some makeup no-no’s to always avoid. These are as follows:

  • Never skip sunscreen.
  • Never use the wrong shade of foundation. Always go for the foundation that complements your skin tone and also apply foundation on your neck and blend it well with your face.
  • Not settling your concealer properly. You need to prevent it from settling into creases under your eyes so tri settling it with some face powder.
  • Never sleep with your makeup on. Always use a good makeup remover to remove makeup before heading to sleep.
  • Always clean your makeup brushes as used brushes collect bacteria and oil which isn’t good for skin.

When these makeup mistakes are avoided one can get a smooth and refreshing skin with some healthy eating habits and drink plenty of water. So what are you waiting for to discover the power of makeup yourself at your home!

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