Bird keeping guide to follow if you are having bird as a pet.


Bird keeping guide

Birds have curious and joyful personalities. Daily interaction with your bird can lower down
your stress level and birds have a long lifespan so you don’t need to have a fear of losing them
they can be your companion for a lifetime.

A pet bird companion for life

 Clean and fresh water – birds will keep dropping food and excrete waste in the water
bowl so you need the change the water twice daily and also dish needs to be cleaned
every day.
 Bird food – pallet food combines all the components needed for a healthy diet. You can
also feed your bird with “insect plates” which includes some bird treat and a tasty element
which can be mixed with normal bird food to prevent boredom. They come in
a  ready-made package.
 Grit – some birds need the grit to crush their food after they swallow it. For the purpose of
grit, “budgie gravel” is available in pet stores.
 Calcium – Calcium is most important for birds. It’s even more important if a bird is a
female. If the calcium level in female birds is low then laying eggs can even kill them.
 Snacks – you can prove snacks to your bird to avoid boredom. Breadcrumbs or pieces of
fresh fruit and vegetables like carrots can give to them as a treat.

Food for a pet bird

 Regular bathing – cleanness is the most important thing. Bathe your bird under
supervision with lukewarm water not very hot and make sure your bird is dry before
sleeping otherwise it can catch a cold.
 Clean cage – their excreta releases ammonia which is not good for your bird’s health so
regular cleaning of their cage is a must. As birds excrete on a regular basis so safest
product for cleaning the cage is diluted vinegar and enzyme-based cleaners available in
pet shops.
 Clean food and water- food and water dishes should be washed regularly for
maintaining a good hygiene of birds. A mild dishwasher can be used for washing the
 Preventive measures – load can be reduced by spreading newspaper at the bottom of
the cage which will catch most of the droppings by birds and will reduce the efforts of
cleaning. Few minutes in a whole day dedicated to bird’s hygiene is worth it because it
will give you a healthier bird.

A good hygiene for pet

 Psittacosis – this disease is highly contagious and can be spread from birds to other
animals also human beings.
Symptoms of this disease are an eye infection, loose watery droppings, lethargic behavior,
difficulty in breathing and inflammation.
 Proventricular dilation disease- this disease spreads from bird to bird.
Symptoms of this disease are vomiting, weight loss, changes in droppings.
 Polyomavirus – in this disease the bird’s flight feathers and tail feathers develop
abnormally and sometimes not develop at all.
Symptoms of this disease are appetite loss, diarrhea, paralysis and an enlarged

 Candida – in this disease there is an overgrowth of yeast found in bird’s digestive
Symptoms are vomiting, appetite loss, white lesions in and around a mouth.

common Bird disease

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